How I’m Saving ~$280/year by Making My Own Lactose-Free Milk

Let’s face it. Life with lactose intolerance is more than a little annoying when it comes to mealtimes, ever since I developed it at the age of 17.

Since then, my lactose intolerance has taken a dive to a point that I’ve become extremely sensitive towards dairy—a single drop of milk or a single flake of pastry is enough to set off a chain reaction of side effects.

And when I accidentally drank an entire glass of fruit shake that contained milk unbeknownst to me? I had diarrhea and stomach cramps so bad I had to miss a flight to Boracay, the Philippines.

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Most New US Immigrants Don’t Know About FBAR—And Suffer the Consequences

There are financial obligations that most new US immigrants (and even some CFPs) are unaware of—including myself.

When I first made the big move to New York last year, no one told me that as soon as I become a US resident, Uncle Sam would stretch his all-encompassing hands into my Malaysian bank accounts and assets.

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