How to Customize Groups in Salesforce Community Cloud

Ever wanted your Community Cloud groups on the Customer Service (Napili) template to look different from one another? With Salesforce’s Spring ’17 release, you can now customize individual groups! Specifically, you can customize components, actions, the publisher, and related lists in groups.

There wasn’t any documentation on how to actually do this. Unfortunately, it does take quite a few steps to customize your groups. It involves using Group Record Types and Page Variations in the Community Builder.

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What Financial Health Means to Me

57% of Americans—approximately 138 million adults—are struggling financially, according to CFSI’s Consumer Financial Health Study.

It’s easy to quote a statistic, but the lives of these individuals that make up that staggering number can be difficult to imagine.

It’s the vulnerable neighbor who works the late night shifts, the friend from school who goes home hungry, the tempers that flare between married couples.

For those who live from paycheck to paycheck, this is often their reality.

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Save Money Automatically With These Price Tracking Tools

Prices of products and services fluctuate all the time. It’s almost always the simple economics of supply and demand.

But how can we take advantage of price drops after we’ve made a purchase? Depending on the merchant’s policies, we could either:

  1. Request a refund for the price difference
  2. Cancel the purchase (if it’s refundable) and repurchase it at a lower price

Realistically, not all of us monitor prices after we’ve completed an order. It’s a hassle to keep track of, and we could be unaware of the store’s price protection policies.

Fortunately, there are tools out there that can do this automatically for you.

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How to Build Credit With No Credit History

Whether you’re a new immigrant, in college, or have limited credit history for any reason, you can gradually build your credit from scratch.

Take it from someone who has built his credit score to the mid-700s in just six months. (Even though I have a good credit history in Malaysia, this doesn’t get transferred to the US, unfortunately.)

Here’s how you can start to build your credit history:

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The Complete Overview to US Taxes on Foreign Income

It may come as a surprise to you, but only two countries in the world tax its residents on worldwide income:

  1. United States
  2. Eritrea

Despite being a developed country, the US has managed to group itself with an African country that appears to “intimidate emigrants into paying taxes.”

If you’re a new immigrant to the US, the IRS welcomes you… and the entirety of your foreign income. The same goes to current US citizens and resident aliens.

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How to Avoid Credit Card and ATM Fees When Traveling

We’ve all been there.

Right before a big trip overseas, we visit banks or money changers to buy our destination’s local currency. Often enough, anything related to foreign cash is mired in any combination of the following:

  • ATM (bank) fees
  • dynamic currency conversion fees
  • foreign currency conversion fees (for debit and credit cards)
  • poor exchange rate

Is it possible then to avoid paying these fees?

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